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Magnetism provides freedom to design. Its ‘force’ will pass through any material or fabric, including plastic, wood, metal, ceramics, slate and stone.


Therefore, wall, floor and ceiling combinations can be designed and built  either conventional shapes and sizes or abstract form where there is no limit of design.


Quality British Design


The Patent was granted in 2009.


Priority Data 2005.

Date of Filing 2006.

Date of Publication 2007.

Patent Number GB2437865


The designer was especially trained in experimental work where the application can be transferred across to nearly all creative situations.

Magnetic Shoe Display


• Choice of colours and materials

• Slatwall & Sloping shelf options

• Contemporary designs

• Designed and built in the UK

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Magnetic Shoe Display


We are proud to present our magnetic shoe display concept and system. It allows for numerous and ingenious ways to display and merchandise footwear in-store and/or window.


We firmly believe the retailer deserves the best in design, choice and

creativeness in order to sell their footwear.

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